Janice & Eric

But my greatest enthusiasm for recommending Meg is how wonderful she is and how much of a support she was on our wedding day! It seemed like she helped with everything that came up and was always thinking ahead and quick on her feet.

Carolyn & Mike

I can definitively say that my wedding would not have happened without Meg as our wedding planner. I knew that I would need someone extremely detail oriented and on top of things to help me and my partner pull off this event.

Carolyn & Brett

You need Meg in your life if you’re planning a wedding!!!! I decided to hire a wedding planner a few months before my wedding because I was starting to feel really overwhelmed with all of the final details that needed to be done in the upcoming months. Meg is so kind and easy to get along with.

Charishma & Jose

WOW! Working with Meg was one of the best choices of our wedding. We didn’t contact Meg until about a month before the wedding and she was able to take on the 14 hour day we had planned like no other.