Janice & Eric

My now husband and I decided that we wanted a short engagement since there are so many restrictions due to COVID and we were worried with how fast things can change. We were not planning on hiring a wedding planner but once we were just about 1 month away from our wedding (aka after a few weeks of attempted planning) we reached out to Meg for help. She met us exactly where we were at and helped us find all of the remaining vendors! She played such a pivotal role in planning our day and making sure everyone was where they were supposed to be.

But my greatest enthusiasm for recommending Meg is how wonderful she is and how much of a support she was on our wedding day! It seemed like she helped with everything that came up and was always thinking ahead and quick on her feet. Plus she was the only one who seemed to be able to button my dress! I think Meg deserves a lot of credit when I think about how much I loved my wedding day! Multiple times throughout the wedding I thought to myself “how does anyone do this without Meg?” Highly recommend her to anyone planning a wedding (with any amount of notice)!