Carolyn & Mike

I can definitively say that my wedding would not have happened without Meg as our wedding planner. As a scatter-brained workaholic, I knew that I would need someone extremely detail oriented and on top of things to help me and my partner pull off this event. We came to Meg with five pictures on a Pinterest board and we wound up with a ceremony and reception that exceeded our wildest dreams. She was responsible for finding us a florist/lighting team who perfectly captured our vibe and the amazing band who kept everyone on the dance floor all night. She handled all the communication with the venue about nitty gritty details. She also answered my panicked late night texts when I thought I had forgotten something or needed wedding advice and gave us real opinions on what did and didn’t matter for planning to help make economical decisions. But most importantly, because I could put so much trust in Meg keeping things going behind the scenes, I actually enjoyed my wedding. People always say that the day of your wedding goes by in a blur but I got to experience every little detail because of all the work Meg did, for which I’m eternally grateful. Infinite stars, and if I’m ever responsible for any other non-wedding event in the future, I plan on calling Meg immediately.