Carolyn & Brett

You need Meg in your life if you’re planning a wedding!!!! I decided to hire a wedding planner a few months before my wedding because I was starting to feel really overwhelmed with all of the final details that needed to be done in the upcoming months. Meg is so kind and easy to get along with. We immediately clicked and I knew she was a perfect fit. She was always honest with me and gave great ideas and feedback. She took so much off of my plate which I was so grateful for and she did it all with a smile on her face (even if it was making last minute ceremony programs for my long and complicated Catholic ceremony). She attended meetings at my venue when I needed her to and she would sit with me for hours going through every little detail for my big day until she was sure that I felt less stressed and confident about everything. On my wedding day she was my right hand girl and I could absolutely not have done it without her. She also helped to run my dress rehearsal and was able to step in and make everyone feel comfort able when the coordinator at the church wasn’t being very kind to some of my wedding party. All weekend the groomsmen said “WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE MEG!” She worked seamlessly with all of my vendors and they all constantly commented how great and helpful she was. She thought of things to ask that I would have never even thought of and she made sure that every detail was executed perfectly. I would mention something about the music or another small detail and she would immediately be ON IT and would communicate my wishes to the appropriate person. From finding sharpies for my guest book, to helping me pee in my big dress, she helped with EVERYTHING! My entire family and wedding party were so grateful for her. I not only found a wedding planner but I found someone who I consider a friend. Words can’t describe the confidence that I felt know that I had her in my life to help my big day happen exactly the way I envisioned. You won’t regret hiring her. I wish I could get married all over again just so that I could spend more time with her!

I originally hired Meg as I was planning a wedding in Pittsburgh from Germany. She instantly came on and handled every single item I was struggling with. Whether it be finding a last minute make up team, or getting in touch with non responsive vendors, or coordinating a plan for photo locations with the photographer, to simply checking in to see what she can do to relieve any burden I had. As the big day was approaching she coordinated with ALL of my vendors and made sure everything was on track and perfect. I didn’t have to worry about a single thing. I cannot tell you how much stress it relieved. And I truly do not know how I would have had the time and patience to plan without her. On the day of the wedding Meg again handled every single issue and made sure every part of the day went perfectly. She’s amazing at what she does! She is very assertive and as hands on as you need her to be– excellent qualities for a wedding planner.

Again, I cannot recommend her enough. She will absolutely make your wedding day all the more perfect!