Shaina & Tim

Meg is absolutely incredible and I truly cannot recommend her enough. Seriously, you’re crazy if you do not hire her! I had so many people tell me “wedding planners aren’t worth it”, “you don’t need a wedding planner”, etc. Thats is certainly not the case with Meg. She is fantastic. She made my life (bride), my mother’s life, and honestly everyone meant to be enjoying the weddings life SO much easier.

I originally hired Meg as I was planning a wedding in Pittsburgh from Germany. She instantly came on and handled every single item I was struggling with. Whether it be finding a last minute make up team, or getting in touch with non responsive vendors, or coordinating a plan for photo locations with the photographer, to simply checking in to see what she can do to relieve any burden I had.

As the big day was approaching she coordinated with ALL of my vendors and made sure everything was on track and perfect. I didn’t have to worry about a single thing. I cannot tell you how much stress it relieved. And I truly do not know how I would have had the time and patience to plan without her. On the day of the wedding Meg again handled every single issue and made sure every part of the day went perfectly. She’s amazing at what she does! She is very assertive and as hands on as you need her to be– excellent qualities for a wedding planner.

Again, I cannot recommend her enough. She will absolutely make your wedding day all the more perfect!